Took The Children Away Essay

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The film, “One night the Moon” by Rachel Perkins and , “Took the children away” by Archie Roach are comparative texts. Through Rachel Perkins’ use of effects, techniques and imagery, the audience can clearly understand that her view of family ties and the stolen generation is very similar to the song “Took the children away”. Family ties is shown clearly throughout the film “One night the moon".Early in the movie, Jim's family is a happy and cosy family which can be seen by the close up camera angle in Emily's room shows her happy face singing with Rose and then Jim takes Rose out after a goodnight kiss for Emily. The song “One night the moon" by Paul Kelly creates an image of a soft, slow, and warm feeling for that scene. Family is very…show more content…
“Took the children away” is about black children got taken away from their home by white people for better education, facilities,...but they, black children, don't want to leave their family. Archie Roach’s use of repetition for the word “took" creates a raging feeling for the reader or listener. The audience can imagine a scene where Archie Roach and his brothers, sisters are struggling, fighting to be united with their family. Rachel Perkins sets up “One night the moon” as a reverse stolen generation theme where Emily, a white kid, got taken away from her parents. She got taken away not because the black people but because Jim fails to see the truth until it is too late. The technique for that scene was high angle camera shot. The angle was low then it moved up high when Rose runs to the fence shows a complete loss of power to have Emily back. The film is not only a reverse but it is also an indirect same theme of stolen generation. Not all the audience realise this detail but in the film, Albert's daughter got taken away too; she was walking in the beginning of the film but then she disappeared. The scene where Albert gives Emily back to Jim is Rachel Perkins's use of symbolism to help the audience understand more about the theme of stolen generation but in this case, a white child got taken away and
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