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5 Effective Home Remedies for Toothache. Toothache is very common to both the young and the old. It's quite unbearable. It could be a severe ache or just a mild one. If the toothache is left unattended to, it could grow worse and more severe. The good thing is there are a number of home remedies for toothache which are quite easy. Before looking at the home remedies for toothache, let's take a good look at the causes of toothache. Toothache is mostly causes by tooth decay. However, tooth decay is not the only cause of toothache. It could be caused by infections like bacteria, fungi and so on. Other factors responsible for toothache includes; Improper Brushing, Excessive Grinding, Gum Disease, Tooth Fracture, Sensitive Tooth and so on. • Improper Brushing: If the tooth is not…show more content…
If the fracture has gotten worse it can lead to unimaginable tooth pain. The fracture might be too small for the eyes to see. • Wisdom Teeth: A growing teeth that fails to break out of the gum line can also cause extreme toothache. • Sensitive Tooth: One might experience sharp tooth pain after the consumption of a hot or cold substance. This may be as a result of the tooth enamel being worn down or due to teeth whitening. There are indeed numerous factors that are responsible for toothache. However, there are a lot of home remedies that has proven to be effective and safe over the years. We will be discussing five most effective and the best home remedies to treat a toothache. 1. Onions: Onions consumption has proven to be one of the best ways to treat a tooth ache. It contains antiseptic and antimicrobial that is of great help to the tooth. Chewing raw onions for few minutes reliefs any form of toothache. If you cannot chew onions raw, just put a slice or two of onions on the affected part for five minutes. Repeat this process daily till the ache wears off. 2. Pepper and

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