Toothpaste Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Crests main argument in this advertisement is that shoppers should purchase their brand of toothpaste. The most significant rhetorical analysis that is shown in this ad is logos. Logos is used in this ad with the assistance of other rhetorical devices such as diction and analogy. The use of logos, paired with analogy and diction, effectively persuades the targeted audience that they need Crests product. The rhetorical use of logos in this ad is evident in a few ways. The ad states facts about the product, like the number of cavities the toothpaste has prevented and that dentists recommend it. These statistics are relevant to the product Crest is trying to sell, because toothpastes purpose is to prevent cavities. Furthermore, the reader knows…show more content…
The word choice throughout the advertisement has a powerful effect on the audience. Phrases such as “there’s no second chance” stick out because everyone wants to be health conscious when it comes to their body and oral health. The diction presented throughout the advertisement informs the reader that using Crest toothpaste is the smart thing to do. Logos, analogy, and diction are efficient in this particular advertisement. The audience the advertisement is directed towards is potential customers. Since toothpaste is a necessity, this audience is composed of multiple age groups. Using logos in this advertisement was the most successful option since it appeals to the audience’s intellectual side. No matter what age someone is, they do not want cavities. This advertisement makes the reader believe that using Crest toothpaste is the best option to prevent cavities, and therefore it is a successful advertisement. Crest effectively persuades consumers to purchase their product through the use of logos, analogy and diction. Logos is presented with the use of statistics and facts. Analogy is shown through the comparison of the dice and teeth. Additionally, diction is used through the powerful word choice. These rhetorical elements appeal to the audiences intellectual side and create an effective

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