Tootsie Roll Vs Jolly Rancher Essay

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Jolly Ranchers V.S. Tootsie Rolls Did you know that in the last 30 days, 4.6 million people consumed 5 or more servings of Jolly Ranchers?Also, 64 million Tootsie Rolls are being made daily. Comparing the two statistics, a lot of people prefer the Jolly Rancher over the Tootsie Rolls. The reasons that people might prefer Jolly Ranchers over Tootsie Rolls are that the Jolly Rancher looks more attractive, that it feels better than the Tootsie Roll, and that It tastes way better. The Jolly Rancher looks way more attractive than the Tootsie Roll, for a simple reason. The Jolly Rancher is bright red, while the Tootsie Roll is a muddy brown. I think that the color red is more eye-grabbing and attractive, rather than the dull, ugly color of poop stain brown. Studies have shown that people who highlight information they need to remember to help them remember it, so maybe the bright colors make people remember their candy. The color red also makes people think of flavors like cherry and watermelon, while brown makes people…show more content…
The Jolly Rancher is not sticky unless you put it in your mouth and take it out. The Jolly Rancher has a rough kind of feel to it though, but the feeling is overall satisfactory. The Tootsie Roll, on the other hand, is sticky, and slimy, so just holding it was enough to me want to stop feeling the candy. The Tootsie Roll also has somewhat of a smooth feeling to it, which helps it become a little less gross. The texture of the Jolly Rancher wrapper, is bumpy and plasticky, while the Tootsie Roll’s wrapper was soft and smooth. I believe the Tootsie Roll has a better wrapper than the Jolly Rancher because it is somewhat soft but smooth, unlike the Jolly Rancher wrapper which is plasticky and bumpy. Overall, The Jolly Rancher wins in the Candy Texture category, but the Tootsie Roll wins in the Wrapper Texture

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