Top 5 Worst Movie Villains Of All-Time

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Top 5 Worst Movie Villains of All-Time
Although movies are a great source of entertainment and information. Conflict situations involving superheroes and villains often go a long way to create a good storyline. The villains usually challenge the superheroes to come out of their comfort zone and fight. However when a villain falls flat by portraying undesirable characteristics, everything else goes out of the window. Here is a list of 5 worst movie villains of all time.

Worst Villain of All-Time#5: Pennywise – It
It is a 1986 TV movie that features a villain called Pennywise, an evil clown who performs pranks that lead to misery and death. Every 27 years, the evil villain rises to devour the children of Derry. The clown is also responsible for countless nightmares. At one point the cannibalizing clown is put to rest by a group of misfit teens, unfortunately he rises again to claim the life of the group’s leader. Unlike most traditional villains of his nature, the scary clown commits crime only because of hunger and not because of for glory or power. The clown is also seen as a great manipulator, because of his ability to control the darker residents of Derry.

Worst Villain of All-Time #4: 'Manos ' The Hands Of Fate
‘Manos’ The Hands 0f Fate is a low budget horror movie released in 1966. The movie has gained the distinction as the worst movie
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Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is the primary villain in the movie Batman and Robin. Mr. Freeze stands out as one of the most sympathetic villains ever created according to the box office numbers and critic responses. Critics attribute the meager $108 million that the movie made in the US to poor showing by Mr. Freeze. Although the villain is unintentionally hilarious; he provides horrendous acts and repetitions, which have made this movie one of the worst in the entire Batman series. His raw obsession with the weather has made many people to question the entire plot and the precise role of Mr. Freeze in the
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