Top Gun Film Analysis

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The 1986 movie Top Gun, directed by renowned director Tony Scott, is a movie made particularly memorable due to its outstanding cast, amazing visuals, and character-based storyline. The movie stars acclaimed actor Tom Cruise, who plays the role of wildcard pilot Maverick, and Kelly McGillis who plays the role of Maverick 's instructor and love interest Charlie.

The film centres on happy-go-lucky pilot Maverick (as played by Tom Cruise) as he attempts to acquire the highly coveted "Top Gun" award at a US Navy fighter pilot school in California with his best friend and co-pilot Goose (as played by Anthony Edwards). Moreover, Maverick begins to form a romantic relationship with his instructor Charlie (as played by Kelly McGillis). Maverick 's
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Throughout the film, he is faced with difficult situations which help mould his personality eventually turning him into a well-deserved hero.

Throughout the movie, there are many memorable scenes that help evolve the characters and storyline, one of them being the "Death of Goose" scene. In this scene, Maverick and Goose are caught in a backdraft from another jet amidst a training exercise causing their engine to fail. The jet begins to spiral uncontrollably forcing Maverick and Goose to eject. During the ejection, Goose hits the canopy and dies. This scene is a key scene as it is a pivotal point in the development of Maverick.
The camera angles and shots in this scene are effective in intensifying the dramatic and catastrophic nature of this scene. Rough handheld point of view (POV) shots are used inside the cockpit to add emphasis to the disabled jet spiralling out of control. Furthermore, at the end of the scene, Goose is filmed in a long shot lifelessly drifting into the ocean, further confirming his death.
The Pietà framing of Maverick cradling Goose 's dead body in this scene is used to express the brotherly love and intimacy between the two pilots. Additionally, the sad, mournful refrain used adds emotion to the scene and helps the viewers connect with the sadness of the
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