Torn Meniscus Essay

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If you have a torn meniscus, which is a ligament in your knee, then you may think that your only option is to undergo invasive surgery so you can be active again and free from pain, . However, a study conducted by Harvard Medical School determined that physical therapy works just as well as surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Read on to find out just how physical therapy can lead to comparable results when treating this condition and examples of what therapy will involve.

Why Physical Therapy Can Help You Just as Much as Surgery

While it may sound strange that physical therapy can replace surgery when suffering from a torn meniscus, when you find out just how each procedure helps it will make more sense. First, there is not just one meniscus in every knee, but two. There are also many other
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Example Exercises

The physical therapist you choose to help you regain proper use of your knee after experiencing a torn meniscus will form a treatment plan tailored specifically to you, but there are some activities commonly used in this situation.

Range of motion exercises. With the help of your therapist and props, such as towels and stability balls, you will be instructed to move your leg and knee into many specific positions to strengthen it and help train you how to keep your knee stable without the use of the torn ligament.

Gradual weight-bearing exercises. If you cannot currently stand on your leg with the torn meniscus, you may be given a device to help support your weight, such as crutches, and walk with your physical therapist while gradually putting more and more of your weight onto the damaged

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