Tornado Narrative

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to rip through town. It did so much damage, and had we not come home we would have been in the path of that tornado. It is possible I may not be here today had we not chosen to go home.
The tornados that struck my town that day left so much damage. Homes were ripped apart, crops ruined, so much lost. I was 12 when that tornado hit. I can still see the tornado and I am not sure if I was afraid or in shock but either way I know that I am lucky to be alive today. The clean up was intense. They called in the national guard to help and had inmates from the prison to come and help. I think that one thing the tornado taught me is that you can rebuild just like my town did. Although it’s not the same and a lot changed and somethings were not rebuilt the same sometimes when disaster or something bad hits it allows you to reexamine things. I look at it as an opportunity to take your opportunities. And not be defeated. If a tornado couldn’t stop me, nothing will.
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I came to Burdick Job Corps as an opportunity to succeed and do good in life. I took the trade of facility maintence and I have already completed. I have always done well with things by learning hands on. Perhaps that is why high school is a struggle for me. I know that I can do it but the reading and stuff gets to me after a while. I am more of hands on type of guy. I know that finishing is important and I will do it. I really feel like I was given a second chance in life and I won’t

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