Tornado Narrative Report

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"A tornado will hit Kansas City in approximately 30 minutes." I flipped off the news. The fear and anxiety flooded through my body. I didn't know how to react, this was my first storm. I fell to the ground and began to pray. My mind raced as I tried to remember the things they taught us in school. After gathering my thoughts I ran to the kitchen. I found a bag in the pantry and began filling it. I put five water bottles inside and a box of crackers. I also grabbed a bag of cat food for my cat. I proceeded to walk down the hallway to my bedroom.
I looked around for a minute, and eventually grabbed a blanket and pillow. Figuring I had enough time, I stuffed a few pictures in my backpack. Seeing the cat bed on the floor I remembered my cat, Cookie. I ran into the other room and found her hiding under the bed. I drug her out and returned to my room to get her bed. I put the bed and her into the
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I sat on my couch and looked around my house. It was such a beautiful place with beautiful memories. I prayed for everyone else who would have to endure the storm. Realizing how long I would be in my storm cellar, I decided to use the restroom one last time. I grabbed my deodorant and perfume because no matter how long I was in there, I didn't want to stink. I walked back inside the living room to check for the time.
Only five minutes before the storm would be over me. I grabbed my bag and cat and finally walked out of my house. I made my way in into my storm cellar and locked the door behind me. Cookie began meowing to come out of the cage, so I opened it for her. She jumped on the cot and we both sat there patiently awaiting the storm. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I've only seen tornados on movies, and I'm pretty sure they aren't that glamorous. I could feel the wind picking up outside. Cookie ran to her cage and curled up in the back of it. The tornado was finally here.

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