Tornado Short Story

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It was 2:25 pm in Murphysboro, Illinois. The skies darkened, the winds howled, and the rain poured down. Descending on the small little town was a monstrous EF-5 tornado a mile wide with wind speeds above 300 miles per hour. The Tornado had already ravages parts of Missouri and Illinois, killed and injured multiple people, and was ready to lay carnage to Murphysboro. It was coming for the town, straight on a path to tear it up. It ripped up trees, destroyed cars, carried houses into the air… and Justin Sky was caught in the middle of it all. Justin tried to take cover, but everything was being destroyed. Him and his family searched frantically for shelter, and ran into a small building on the edge of town. They ducked into the room, looking for…show more content…
As I ate, I asked my mother “When do you think dad will be home from deployment?” “Anytime between two forty and three o’clock” she said. “Hmph, If I were him I’d get here by three thirty to pick us up from school” my younger sister Emma Sky uttered. Emma is one of those girls who is very popular at school and cares about her friends and family, but doesn’t care about much else. She is a really nice sister, but she can get to be a pain sometimes. Emma is actually a decent student though, no matter what people think about the “popular group” of kids at school, Emma is part of them and still a good student. She normally gets Bs and B+s for grades, and listens and learns when necessary. Did I mention that she can be a pain? “Yeah, right.” I argued. “You might think so, but maybe he’ll be home early because he actually wants to get home then to see mom and help clean up the house.” “Why would he do that?” Emma stated “Because he cares about our family!” I responded sharply “Maybe I’ll pick you guys up from school early today to come greet him when he comes home from deployment.” My mother said, a smile on her
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