Toronto Star Ad Observation

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Some observations about the Toronto Start Ad and moving forward for the next Ads.

I am definitely not a graphic artist, still at the finger-painting stage but have been doing some reading on the topic of Golden Ratios for some computer programming graphics techniques. And I decided to apply that reasoning to the Toronto Star Ad. Either it was by design through the software used or Bianca just had that sense of design, the Ad does have the aspects of a golden ratio (please see attachment). The Golden Ratios central focus is on the rider, the healing cycle arch, and the date of the ride was also centrally located. This Ad fits into part of the golden ratio solution I think, just an observation. Which is good. Just some points for the Toronto Star Ads.

Lot of this is new to us and we are getting through it but not like we should be.

All Ads will be quarter page except the last one which will be
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Others may come as we go through the editing process.
Lee has made several suggestions on the wording. I don’t know if the wording is going to change every Ad, but can we have it predefined at least for some of the Ads. We are in tight deadlines every week (two deadlines per week) for these Ads, last minute changes late at night seems to be our mode of operation, this can’t be good for the next nine weeks to the ride date. With proposal on March 15 our Toronto Star Ads should have minimum of changes.
Any new additional slogan should be preapproved. “Grasp Life by the handle bars” was an innovation and I liked that, but we have been using “making moments matter” as our slogan for some time now, after change in direction of the foundation and it is part of our vocabulary.
I think other board members who are not directly involved in the Ads, come Saturday will see we have changed our slogan without them knowing. Just as most of us do not expect Nike to change their slogan “just do it” to something else
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