Torrealba Case Study

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The Torrealba household consists of two bedrooms with seven kids and two adults, indicating how there is a lack of space when it comes to a small house with so many individuals. The bedroom is not divided by concrete walls, but is divided with curtains, to provide some privacy between each other. The kitchen has a vast majority of bowls and detergent, indicating that their kitchen is also used as a laundry room. They have their clothes hanging, and one light bulb to light up the entire room. There are no signs of them having a television for entertainment or a bathroom. Since there is no bathroom, the individuals have to do their business in a bowl or walk to the nearest toilet. This increases the possibility of disease entering the household and affecting these individuals who practically live on top of each…show more content…
“It is very uncomfortable to sleep in our small home” as there has to be “four to five kids sleeping on one bed”, said the mother. The kids do not possess the opportunity of obtaining a normal lifestyle as they are kept inside their house for fear from the gangsters “It is very dangerous to raise kids, they are inside all the time”. They are not able to walk down the street or play outside with other children due to fear from both the parents and themselves. They are scared of the shooters, the mother stated “I see ten year olds carrying guns”. This is due to the lack of resources in Caracas, Venezuela which influences them to become part of a gang. They overprotect their children “so they don’t take the wrong path.” The Torrealba family describes themselves to be living “like sardines in a can”. However, they get by, they teach the children to be safe, they prepare them both mentally and physically to withstand any discomfort that can be given in the household. As the mother stated, “crime is everywhere”. The Torrealba family aspires to become greater than who they currently are and want to obtain a better life for their kids, to not live in fear of the
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