Vehicle Suspension System Research Paper

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On a summer day of 1904, a young man named William Brush helped to develop a modern vehicle suspension system. His car accident brought a great development in suspension systems. Young William was rolling along the unpaved road very fast and went into a curve at 30 mph while he was driving his brother Alanson’s Crestmobile. Because the vehicle’s front-right wheel skittered onto the dirt shoulder and got whacked into a deep rut, the wheels started to vibrate violently. The cause of vibration was the right front elliptic leaf spring had send shock waves along the solid I-beam axle to left side of the vehicle. William got panicked and lost control of his car and got crashed into a fence. William Alanson’s goal was to design a better car. Within two years,…show more content…
Engineers came up with idea of using different types of fluids that can change its property according to the external forces. For example MR (Magneto-Rheological) fluids and ER (Electro-Rheological) fluids. MR fluids are materials that expose a change in rheological properties such as elasticity, viscosity or plasticity with the application of a magnetic field. On the other hand, ER fluids alters its rheological property when an electric field is applied to the fluid. MR fluids require small voltages and current, while ER fluids require very large voltage and very small currents. According to the experts, MR fluids have become a widely studied “smart” fluid due to its less consumption of energy. The fluid that is transferring from top to bottom or from bottom to top must pass through the MR valve. The MR valve is fixed size orifice with ability to apply a magnetic field to the orifice volume. This magnetic field changes the viscosity of MR fluid, which will cause change in flow rate. And flow rate is directly proportional to the force required to move the damper
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