Tort Observation

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According to Rebore (…), “a tort is a civil wrong, other than a breach or conduct committed against a person or a person’s property” (p. ). The school was examined from the point of view of anomalies that could cause injuries and harm that could result in an action for a tort. The purpose of this assessment is to observe and document areas at a particular school as acceptable or need for improvement within the framework of federal and state law. The Tort Walk showed that the following arenas: classrooms, hallways, playground, lunchroom, before school, after school activities, field trips, bus/transportation, science class, physical education class, and art labs were ranged in an acceptable category. Permission to complete the tort walk at a…show more content…
Both Language Labs in West and East had missing ceilings tiles above computer stations. There was a locked closet with unused records. Many cables were on the floor close to the teacher’s desk. In West Language Lab, there was a hole in the wall with the pipe. Bothe of the labs had safety evaluation plan on the door. The majority of the language classes in West and East building had 5 or 6 groups of working stations and chairs with a collaborative setting option for students. There was an evidence of functional electronics like classroom projectors. In addition, classes had clean space for students to move and work. Regarding to the safety issue, all classes had an evaluation plan on the door. Some of Applied Arts Department classes in West building did not have windows. They had functional electronics: document camera and projectors. Students’ tables were arranged in a collaborative learning design as 5 or 6 groups. All chairs were working. One chair had a missing handle. All classes had an evaluation plan on the door. Social Study classes had all windows locked. Tables for students had 7 groups. There were many unused cables close to the teacher desk. Culinary Arts Lab had an ADA component on the door. All knifes were stored in blocks. The classroom was clean and ready to be used by
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