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The word ‘tort’ in law means a legal wrong or injury that has several elements, of which the most important element is that it is redressible in nature for the benefit of the person wronged or injured. The wrong or injury can consist of several civil wrongs like negligence, assault, battery, defamation etc. Therefore, tort is a breach of some duty, independent of contract, giving rise to a civil cause of action and for which compensation is recoverable .
In tort law, the aggrieved party is provided relief in the form of damages. Damages are a form of compensation given for breach, loss or injury suffered by the plaintiff. It is the primary source of remedy in tort cases. In a suit for damages in a tort case, the court awards the plaintiff
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It stands for “to restore to their original position”. The damages using this principle are based on the fact that whether the lump sum amount provided would put the party who has been injured to the same position he would have been, if he had not gotten injured due to the defendant’s actions. This has been established in the case Nirmala Thirunavakharasu and others v. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and another, in which the usual plea of 'Act of God' etc. could not be considered as a defence while deciding a case for compensation arising out of electrocution and in that that the amount of money given as damages for the results of tortious acts committed by the defendant were determined by applying the abovementioned principle of restitutio in integrum…show more content…
For example, Person A and Person B are neighbours and dislike each other greatly. One day, Person A’s dog escapes from his yard and wanders into person B’s yard and relieves itself there. Person B somehow manages to step in it and is disgusted by it. He files a case of trespass in the court, who award him with contemptuous damages because they feel like the case was a waste of time as it was based on a trivial

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