Tortilla Sun Comparison

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Have you ever gotten into a fight with your parents, and felt like they were disregarding all of the things that you wanted? If so, then you have the same problem as the two main characters in the stories Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun. The main characters both have tension between their parents because they both want different things. In both stories Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun the different points of view between a parent and their child causes tension. In the story Confetti Girl there is a load of tension between the different points of view throughout the story.The main character’s mom is dead. The main character’s mom is not always home and always has chores for her to do and the only parent she really sees. Her father and her are…show more content…
In this story there may be tension between the daughter and her mom, but it is a lot more serious situation than reading a book like in the Confetti Girl.The daughter asks her mother if she can go with her to Costa Rica and meet friends there and study with her there, but the mother refuses and tells the daughter that she will be staying with her grandmother for the summer and that is final. “I think you’re going to like the village. Her voice became a little muffled now, like her mouth was pressed right up against the door. It’s strange and beautiful at the same time and a perfect place to explore. You just might be surprised what you find there. She paused for a moment, then continued. Would you please talk to me?” (45). When this quote is said it is shown that the daughter is very angry with the mother about her decision to abandon her. From the daughter’s point of view, her mother is leaving her and now she will be left with no parents. From the mother’s point of view, she is doing the thing that will help her daughter and have a better and brighter future. The daughter wants a parent who will be there for her and that is why she loves her father’s old baseball because it gives her the idea her father would have been there for her. The two different points of view between the parent and child create an obvious
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