Tortula Curtain Satire

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Satire in the Tortilla Curtain
Satire is a literary technique exploited by writers to show the foolishness of humans, organizations, or governments by using humor, irony, or exaggeration. In the novel Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle, satire is used numerous times and effectively. T.C. Boyle uses satire to bring light to the foolishness and irony of the characters in the novel. This literary technique allows a book on a serious topic become more relatable and appealing to young adults in society.
One of the most ironic quotes of the book is when Delaney states, “I have a handful of raisins and a blanket: what more could I want? All the world knows I am content.” Illegal immigrants, America and Candido, are living day by day with a blanket
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