Torture In Medieval Times

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The medieval times lasted from the fifth to the fifth-teenth century. It began with the fall of the western Roman Empire, as you might know. During these times the people were wanting information, or justice. Now there was more than just one device used to extract information. Some might kill the victim and some may just scar them. There were different levels of torture they would use. Such as the Judas cradle, the scavenger's daughter, the Heretic's fork, forms of neck torture, and the Brazen Bull. These are not all of the devices, but some of the popular ones used. Matter of fact some are still used to this day around the word.

In the medieval times torture was considered a normal way to extract information from one person. It didn’t matter if you were telling the truth, once they think you have something to do with a crime or something they might not give up until you are dead. For example the Judas cradle. The judas Cradle is a medieval torture device. The victim would be placed on top ia a pyramid that was similar to a seat but sharp. It was inserted into the victim’s private
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Another torture device known in the medevial era was the Brazen Bull. This was a Greek device used to tourture the ciminams till death. This is the beond worse way to torture someone back in this era. Why was it? Because the victim was placed in the bull with a fire lit underneath of them. They were locked in and the bull wa heated to the point that it turned red hot. This was meant to roast the victem and the so called “fun part,” was heaing the victem scream. Yo could hear them scream through the specialised tibes that converted the screams of tourtured criminals to the public, or who was watching.
Now the brazen bull was made if complete Bronze and was hollow inside. It was the same size as a regula bull, and had a dooron one side that was large enough for a man to fit
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