Torture Pros And Cons

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In today 's society terrorism, war and drug operations are normal to see in our headlines. How do we prepare or how do we defend our nation from these things? September 11th, 2001 was an event in history that Americans will never forget. Four terrorists from the same terrorist group hijacked four different planes two of which crashed into the well-known World Trade Center Towers, another crashing into the Pentagon and the fourth crashing in a field in Pennsylvania, most likely heading toward the white house. Many lives were lost, families broken apart and many people were looking for answers. Almost instantly we sent troops to the Middle East to resolve the conflict and find the leader of Al-Qaeda, who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. “Although it is highly controversial the CIA had begun an interrogation program which included torturing high Al-Qaeda operatives to gain leads and info on their upcoming attacks and where their leader Osama Bin Laden was hiding out.”…show more content…
“Waterboarding is a technique used to simulate drowning, where a cloth is placed over the nose and mouth and then water is poured onto cloth to restrict breathing which induces panic and fear. Sleep deprivation is used to hold a person awake for a long period of time, often held in stress positions, put in cold rooms, or put in rooms with blaring sounds on short loops. Confinement is when a person is put inside a confined box to restrict movement, also bugs are added (in some cases) to the confined box to exploit a phobia and to induce discomfort and fear.” Torture in most cases will resume until the detainee reveals

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