Torture Summaries: John Mccain

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Torture Summaries John McCain is opposed to torture, being a torture victim himself. McCain knows that torture will happen in some extreme cases. He claims that it will ruin the American look. McCain believes that torture is inhumane and should be illegal in the United States. He states that intelligence is something we need, but it needs to be reliable and torture does not always bring out reliable information. He also believes that torture brings down the people’s moral values of the human life. McCain also states that torture hurts both the soldier and the prisoner. The prisoner obviously hurt and the soldier would have to live with the guilt of harming another. In all, Americans are better than torture and do not need to perform it; however the rules may be bent at certain times. (McCain 697) Cathy Young is against torture for the most part. She especially frowns upon the physical type. With the public outrage of torture, bills were being passed to ‘limit’ what torture can be performed on prisoners. Young believes that physical torture can lead to the prisoner stalling until a tragedy is ready to happen; however using psychological torture will receive more accurate…show more content…
Levin believes it is efficient way to get information from terrorists. In his example of the atomic bomb in Manhattan, Levin makes the point that millions of lives are worth more than the life of the person who is causing the threat. He believes that torture should only be used to require information, not as a punishment for the already guilty. He also believes that the prisoner should be obviously guilty. When Levin asked the mothers if torture would be okay in the instance that they took their baby, would it be okay? All three agreed to torture. “We had better start thinking about this.”, shows that Levin is serious about using torture to help the American cause. In all Levin mainly supports that torture is okay when saving millions of lives. (Levin
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