Toru Dutt: A Famous Indian Poetess

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Punyand elf-like, with disheveled tresses Self-willed and shy ne’er heeding that I call, Intentto pay her tenderest addresses Torbid as cat, - but most intelligent (Govin Chunder Dutt) This is how, Toru Dutt’s father, thought about her dearest daughter. He made a strong call towards the end of the quatrain, where he calls her as the “most intelligent.” Toru Dutt, was a famous Indian Poetess, who wrote poems in English and translated many great French poets into English. Born on 4th of March 1865, besides being known for her poetry, her personal life, never escaped the attention of the readers and the critics. Her life, being a combination of beauty and tragedy, Toru belonged to a rich life, rich in the material and the literary terms. She belonged to the Dutt family, from Kolkata, which at the time were eminent family. Her father, Govin Chunder Dutt, was a good linguist, and literary learned person. In 1862 when Toru Dutt, was only six year old her parents embraced Christianity. Though, her mother did not accept Christianity initially, but later she also reconciled, and became a devout Christian. She would later translate, The Blood of Jesus, into Bengali. Toru Dutt, had a sister and a brother; she was the youngest in the family. He brothers name was Abju and sister’s name was Aru. Unfortunately, her brother died in 1865. After the death of their brother, both the sisters read Paradise Lost repeatedly, and were lost in the literary studies. In 1869 Dutt’s
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