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Torvald Helmer is a character from Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House. Torvald may be seen by some of the people reading or watching the play as the antagonist because of how he treated his wife, Nora. Is he to blame for how he acted, or is he just as much a victim of the nineteenth century societal norms as his wife? Torvald is just a victim of his societal norms, but he appears to be the antagonist because women at that time had limited rights. Men were supposed to have control of their households and be the only providers during this time. Torvald was doing just that throughout the play. He treated his wife with love, even if it resulted in his wife feeling like a child. A man of those times was supposed to show his love in a very unique…show more content…
Love can be viewed in many different ways: love can be caring about someone, showing affection, or as simple as giving another free will. The love Torvald was familiar with isn’t the love we know today. Love has changed with time and so have social norms. Love from the nineteenth century was very reserved compared to how we are today. “Ten-twenty-thirty- forty. Oh, thank you, Torvald; I can manage no end on this” (Ibsen 786). This quote helps prove Torvald loves his wife by giving her money or considering giving it to her. This was a big sign of love even if it’s not viewed that way today. During the nineteenth century, it was not considered normal for a woman to be in control of finances. I think Torvald knew his wife was capable and that he trusted her. Torvald also showed his love by spending time with Nora to teach her to dance the tarantella. He did this because he thought it was good for her to do it, and he thought that she enjoyed it. “Now, now, the little lark’s wings mustn’t droop. Come on, don’t be a sulky squirrel” (Ibsen 786). This quote reveals Torvald treats her as a child by calling her silly nicknames. On the other hand, though, women from this time just weren’t given the same respect as men. Also, Torvald did not understand how he was suppose to show his love any differently, because all the couples he knew were acting as how he was. It may also seem that Nora wasn’t thankful for everything
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