Tory Keleher: Book Analysis

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What’s it like…? I don’t really know and I don’t really want to know! Hi, I’m Tory Keleher, Your book made me open my eyes to the very scary world. It could happen to anyone. But, I know that now. Being abducted doesn 't sound great. After reading your book, it changed me! This world is scary . The people in this world are scary I also know that now. Abduction changed my point of view as a person. Your book made me realize being abducted could happen to anyone, including myself. It made me feel cautious of the world around me. Your work also made me feel nervous because what if it happens to me? Which I am careful so it won’t happen. The scary part is in real life kids get abducted. Some get killed. Which isn’t good what so ever. This book
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