Tossed Out: Food Waste In Americ Movie Analysis

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The film “Tossed Out: Food Waste in America” has shed light on the fact that people are up against numerous food waste in Americans and global, offers many examples and statistics in the film. Regard the film, 20% of what goes to landfills is food each year, 35 million tons food wasted by Americans each year, which equals 100 Empire State Buildings made of food, include vegetables, fast food containers and coffee boxes. From farmer and consumers, fruit and vegetables made of 30% food to the landfills, and dairy products made of 20%. The general attitudes about food come down to abundant food available in the America, to juxtapose when our parents grow up, the new generation don’t know the value of it, they think food is a given rather than resource. Food waste is harmful both financially and environmentally. 40% of American’s food never goes to table, which cost 105 billion in the economy, the number for global is 750 billion. For environmental perspective, methane gas is 20 or 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide, which cut back on the global warming.…show more content…
Gerlock gives us his opinion in the film, he thinks the reason is so affordable, consider disposable, 10% of disposable income spent on food. I would like to add my personal opinion, which is globalization change our requirement for food, when through away the food we don’t like. Food waste come from every level of food chain, First, food waste in creation, . Second, food waste in warehouse, lost of food expired and they through away or they just made some mistakes that don’t have the flavor they want, for instance, 40% of food start fresh and ends through out in some grocery. Third, food waste in the market, for example, in the farmer market, food will be tossed out if hasn’t been sold by Saturday night. Other than diverting edible food from landfills, we can sort all the garbage and try to recycle some

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