Tostitos Vs Doritos Commercial Analysis

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Most Americans enjoy watching super bowl, and look forward to seeing the commercials too. These commercials cost millions of dollars for short airing time. These commercials need to have a great eye catching, need for more sense and need to be interested to the viewers to be a successful. The “Tostitos and Doritos” commercials are tailored just for that. Both commercials focuses on snacks but use different approach to relay their information. The Tostitos commercial is more effective than the Doritos commercial because of the following. The Tostitos commercial uses the basic appeal of “Need to accord,” by using a group of friends as the center of their commercial; these friends as any normal allies will try to share with each other a bag…show more content…
The Tostitos uses the need to belong and accord. The first seen show how many different and many people are watching the super bowl and on the television which they are watching the program on. It can be seen that not all of them will have good viewing chance since the television is not that big. This clearly shows that even though they might have an opportunity to watch the game somewhere, they all just decided to watch it at a friend’s place even though his or her television is not that big for them, but just want to be around each other. However, the Doritos ad uses the need to aggress and win to deliver their content. This is realized at the beginning of the ad, when the two boys were minding business or playing their own game instead of doing it as one. Later competing to who is going to win with each other when their mom mentioned Doritos instead of sharing. When the younger won, he tied his older brother up instead of sharing the Doritos with him. He did this to show he was victorious in their race. The Tostitos ad is more effective than the Doritos ad because the Tostitos ad focuses on relationships and how to make it work by using chips, on the contrary, Doritos ad focuses on rivalry and how winning is fun. Also the Tostitos ad encourages everyone to share regardless of race, gender or age, in contrast, the Doritos concentrates on only a white family leaving out other age groups, females and other ethnicities which will not bode well for their
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