Total Control In Brave New World Essay

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Is modern America on the brink of being under total control just like the novel Brave New World? In the novel Brave New World author Aldous Huxley depicts a somewhat utopian society but the more the reader finds out the more they realize how it’s a dystopian society. There is a lot of major themes present in the novel, but the one that surpasses them all is the thought of science as a means of control.Even though Aldous Huxley wrote this novel in the early 20th century, his idea of science as a means of control in Brave New World has striking similarities but yet some differences to today's modern day society. By comparison to Brave New World, americans of today are controlled by the government using science. Everything that a citizen does…show more content…
The citizens in Brave New World are under total control since everything is censored from what they read, to what they see, and how they react.(Ch.2 Pgs. 28-36) Unlike the people in Brave New World, today's people are told we have the rights to basic things such as our bill of right’s which highlights key things that America needs in order for it to have it’s freedom and help us not get to the point we’ve seen in Brave New World. The American people unlike the people in Brave New World aren’t taught in their sleep through the process of hynopædia,(Pg. 33-36) leaving their people not able to think for themselves or think for themselves. Without a doubt the people in today’s society are still regulated by they’re still granted the ability to do whatever their hearts to desire unlike the new Londoners which can only work, indulge in soma, play obstacle golf, and if you’re very important visit the savage reservation. Just as what Lenina said “Than what’s time for?”(88) since the people are regulated on what they can and cannot do. American’s are granted this freedom to do as they wish but other countries such as North Korea does not have this privilege since everything they do has to be approved by the Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jung
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