Totalitarian Government: Hitler, Stalin, And Mussolini

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In Europe 1930’s a totalitarianism government was starting to develop. By that I mean whomever is in charge has total control over people and their lives. The individual has very little power, freedom, and rights. The people in charge are known as dictators. They have eight important characteristic to meet the criteria of totalitarianism. Today, I’m going to be talking about five of them. For instance, indoctrination, propaganda, censorship, terror, and economic control. Some dictators use some of these criteria to be totalitarian dictators. For example, after world war 1 Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini used this criteria to take power over their countries. Indoctrination is a characteristic of totalitarianism. Indoctrination means that…show more content…
Propaganda was any type of announcement to show an idea. Dictators used this because it was a way to control the way people think. For Instance, Hitler used propaganda by making an anti- Jewish book. This book was designed for children to read and start spreading Hitler’s ideas. In the other hand, Stalin used propaganda by showing the public how close he was with Vladimir Lenin and campaigning with him. Then, Mussolini used propaganda by wrapping himself in the Italian flag. By him doing that he was trying to make the people mad. These three Dictators are showings, how a picture, book, magazine, saying, or even doing something can get people 's mind…show more content…
Terror is when someone is using violence to make someone obey. This was very important for dictators because it forces people to do what they are told. Hitler and Stalin did something very similar. For example, Hitler used terror by sending his army of soldiers to arrest all the jews for their beliefs, everybody that trying to help them, and anyone that had a different idea than hitler and they were put in concentration camps. In the concentration camp they were torture. Then Stalin would as arrest people for have opposed ideas for him. After arresting them just like Hitler he would put them in concentrations camps and gave the officers the right to legally torture them.Stalin also created the great purge. He created a very different system to ensure the faithfulness of his people. Mussolini also used terror, but he would imprisoned them and sentence them to exiled. The police officer would handle everything. Mussolini made everybody believe his way was the correct way and that was the end of discussion. The last characteristic of totalitarianism is economic control. Economic control is when the person in charge decides what is going to be made and sold in the country. This was very helpful for dictators or the person in charge because they can control what the economy has. Hitler used economic control by making people in the concentration camp work for him. Stalin used economic control by imprison and kill the people that did

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