Totalitarian Government In 1984 And 1984 By George Orwell

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Totalitarian governments, such as Nazi Germany, and their use of controversial techniques in order to rise power are significant influences on literature, creating parallels between it and novels such as 1984 by George Orwell. The system deployed by the Nazi regime in order to rise to power was undoubtedly, while immoral, very effective in eliciting the results desired by its enforcers. State sponsored murder or execution, prevalent in both Nazi Germany and 1984, were utilized by the government to incite hatred within its citizens. Big Brothers overbearing presence in the citizens lives strikingly resembles the relationship that dictators such as Adolf Hitler held with countries through implementation of similar propaganda techniques seen in 1984. A presence so oppressive that its self-serving existence has torn apart the psyche of the citizens it represses to the point they are no longer human enough to question why they are being treated like animals. With the world watching, Hitler and his regime cultivated hatred in the fields left baren and war torn from the reparations placed upon the country after the first world war. This theme of hatred is illustrated in the novel 1984 with the hate rallies. During the Two Minutes Hate not only was one “obliged to act a part, but... it was impossible to avoid joining in”. (Orwell 18/19) This strategy of unified hatred of a crowd creates the optimal environment for group acceptance of a scapegoat. Once a scapegoat is firmly
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