Totalitarian Government In 1984

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One of the tactics a totalitarian government will use to control their society even to this day is restricting and censoring almost everything in the society. First, In the story of "1984" the party is always spying on everyone by using the tele screens so they can watch and hear everything happening in Oceania. This is like today with the NSA always looking and tapping into our phones meaning that they will always know what is happening in our lives, some countries use this to keep us safe but other countries use this to restrict citizens from their human rights. Another tactic a totalitarian government will use is the use of political rhetoric. The party in the novel "1984" use words like CAN YOU FILL IN WORDS HERE WITH EMPTY RHETORIC PLZ.…show more content…
Finally a totalitarian government will lie to their citizens so that they are always correct. In the novel of "1984" the party would constantly lie to the citizens about who they were fighting or about what rations that they were going to receive and would then correct any form of evidence saying anything else. This was used by our own country many times like when the government lied about the amount of soldiers we had during the war against Iraq (Richard Sisk, " Number of US Troops in Iraq More Than 4,000, Exceeds Previous Claims", 2016, p.1). This shows the use of restrictions and censorship in a totalitarian government to control their
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