Totalitarian Regime Analysis

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Team project: (DUE MARCH 16) How was "NAME OF LEADER"'s regime a totalitarian one?-Essay format-MLA Bibliography/Quotations-Use of reliable sources- +/- 1000 words (The word count is not as important as how well you answer the question.Things to think about:-Laws and policies (What were they, how were they enforced?-How was the daily life of people affected by the regime?-What were the objectives of 'your' leader.-Use Ebsco!

A Totalitarian regime is when one political party rules the government and controls all decision making. Such a regime will usually seek to control the life of every individual, their ideology, the society, and economy. Therefore the leader has to be dynamic and possess the qualities of persuasion, giving their
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People that supported him were moved to places of power and like all the others carefully supervised. Anyone who seemed like trouble or possible competition was gotten rid of. One of them was Leon Trotsky who Stalin forced into exile. Stalin like many totalitarian leaders was very persuasive in order to keep people at bay. He exerted total control which he achieved mainly by forceful actions, intimidation and brainwashed youth and above all fear. Private life did not exist in the soviet union. Citizens mails were read by informers or secret police and telephone conversations were always monitored. A wrong word to the wrong person could cost you your family and your…show more content…
To create it he was based on leninism and marxism, stalinism is considered by historians mainly because it was a very extreme totalitarianism. He used propaganda, secret police and terror to induce his thoughts.

Stalin created thirteen plans to boost the Soviet Union economy and his control. The most important ones were the first plan in which he induced the collectivization of the farms (successful), the second plan had the main objective to boost Russia’s steel production in order to surpass Germany’s production. The third plan had the objective of preparing Russian for the second world war against Germany and relied on boosting military supply production, the fourth and fifth plan focused on rebuilding Russia after the WWII. Other plans were created to enhance economy, power or Stalin’s propaganda.

About the brutal force that Stalin used to control the population, political menaces, rebels and people who broke the law used to be sent the Gulags which were russian concentration camps that forced people to work to death, they could be also expelled from Russia or the Soviet Union, some of them were directly killed and some people believe they were used on experiments, the secret police and propaganda made russian people afraid of expressing themselves even in their own

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