Totalitarianism: Adolf Hitler Of Germany, Benito Mussolini

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Totalitarianism is when the government controls every aspect of the public and private sectors. It means to erase the line that separates government and society. There were three leaders known to fit the mold of totalitarians. Adolph Hitler of Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. A totalitarian state is usually lead by a dynamic leader with the ability to appear to show guidance and security. All three of these individuals have proven to be just that. The power gained by these men would eventually lead the world to a very destructive and costly war. One of these leaders that fall into this category is Adolph Hitler. He came to power because life for the German people was very difficult after the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was forced to borrow money from America to pay its debts to England and France. When the United States was faced with the Great Depression they no longer were able to assist Germany in any way. Without America’s help Germany could not repay their debts, therefore they fell into a severe depression. Germany’s money became close to worthless. Many Germans believed a strong leader could turn their nation…show more content…
Hitler lead his followers to believe the Jews were responsible for sending the world into WWI, and causing the deaths of 100,000 Germans. By blaming the Jews for the economic crisis, Hitler was able to make them responsible for all of Germany’s woes. Discrimination started with boycotting Jewish owned businesses, and then the Nazi’s used propaganda stating “Don’t buy from the Jews” and “The Jews are our misfortune”. Then the discrimination against the Jews escalated to murdering the Jews mostly in part to the Wannsee Conference. The Wannsee Conference was held January 20, 1942, this was a high-level meeting to discuss the “Final Solution”. Which was the initialization of the mass killings of the Jew
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