Totalitarianism In 1984 Essay

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Orwell included the symbolization of the nazi party in 1984 so that he could include the theme of psychological manipulation. The nazi party worked their way into the minds of the youth much like the party, but the party also used the telescreens to manipulate the entire population into following them. The Nazis had used devices such as movies and books to spread their ideas and manipulate their followers much like how the party uses the telescreens to control the minds of the citizens. The party holds public hangings of criminals for citizens to watch and even enjoy. Winston says that, “The children always clamored to be taken to see it,”(23). When Winston is fixing Mrs. Parsons’ sink, her children are running around her house pretending to…show more content…
Orwell wrote this novel after World War II was over, and during the beginning of the Cold War. After having just experienced the fall of the Nazis and the rise of another strong world power, Russia. Orwell was using what occurred during the wars to predict an impending gloomy dystopian future. In his novel, the totalitarian government would be known as Big Brother, who watches over everyone and everything in Oceania. Big Brother was meant to symbolize how the world would be under a totalitarian communist government. Big Brother was watching everything in Oceania, and put fear into some, but put the feeling of safety in others. Not everyone in Oceania wanted to rebel against Big Brother like Winston did. Winston had fear in the, “black-mustachio’d face,”(2) known as Big Brother. Posters were everywhere in the city with this face and the caption, “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU,”(2). The face with the thick black mustache is an allusion to Stalin’s large black mustache. If the world came under the control of a totalitarian government, everybody would be watched constantly. Orwell wanted to warn the public about what may come if they agree with the communist and totalitarian dictators such as
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