Totalitarianism In Animal Farm

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He was the oldest animal. After a strange dream that he had, he gave them a speech about rebellion and he enlightened them that they could live better than the way they are treated in the farm. Old Major is a portrait of intellectual idealist whose ideas are taken, twisted and used as a base for dictatorships by tyrants like Napoleon. Napoleon: After Old Major 's death Napoleon manipulated the animals with his lies, he changed the Seven Commandments slowly for his party 's benefits, he slowly metamorphosed into a human and he enslaved the other animals by promising a scenario of utopia in which all animals would be equal. Beyond these fallacies his ideology was to feed on the other animals to establish a totalitarian system in which equality would never exist. So his motto was "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." Although he is commonly related to the infamous Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, Napoleon is a representation of many dictators throughout history, capable of betraying all democratic and humanitarian principles to continue their tyranny. Snowball: His intelligence, ideas and plans made him Napoleon 's biggest enemy. His ideas were based on the equality of all animals and because of all these facts, Napoleon got rid of him by sending him from the farm and by telling lies about him to the other animals. Although Snowball seems like a better character compared to Napoleon, Orwell is careful not to portrait him as a hero. He is one
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