George Orwell's Use Of Socialization In Big Brother And The Party

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Sociology would be the first term, since the novel offers a study of human behavior in a totalitarian society. “Big Brother” and the Party are the government that rules the nation of Oceania under totalitarianism. The Davis-Moore thesis is a great example because the Party thinks that by using Newspeak and controlling everything everyone does, will make the nation better. The people feel alienated because the Party and “Big Brother” have taken away all of their individuality. The following terms discuss the process of socialization in the story. “Big Brother” and the Party are considered groupthink because they only believe their own false beliefs and rules. The people live in a nonmaterial culture because the Party members created the rules that…show more content…
They have no individuality. Society conforms as a whole. Everyone almost lives the same lives. They have morning exercises they have to participate in and all of them work similar jobs. The people of Oceania no longer have their own beliefs; they have to believe what they are told. “Big Brother” wants everyone to know that 2+2=5. They use mass media to push the rules on to the people and watch their every move. “Big Brother” is everywhere. His pictures are posted everywhere, so the people know he’s always watching. Every room has a telescreen that has to remain on at all times so the police can monitor the people at all times. Doing anything that “Big Brother” doesn’t agree with is considered a crime. Thoughcrime is the worst crime that can be committed. Winston is committing thoughtcrime by writing in his diary. He is also committing a crime by sleeping with Julia and renting the room without the telescreen above Mr. Charrington’s store. Winston and Julia are in a political revolution because they are going against the government and want to change it. They are being deviant because they are committing crimes and turning against “Big

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