Totalitarianism In Pirates Of The Universe

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Totalitarianism is one of the classical theories that have been widely used in the literature-based context in analyzing a text. There are several researches done previously using the same theory which is totalitarianism but on different texts. There are quite a number of dystopian novels that promoted totalitarianism. One of the famous texts is Pirates of the Universe (1996) by Terry Bisson that portrays a depressing and imaginative kind of living. According to Lyman, authors of dystopias distinguish perilous tendencies in contemporary society and intensify them in their fiction in order to notify and warn readers about these dangerous trajectories and also encourage them to take a step to prevent a possibility of dystopian futures (1979).…show more content…
According to Peter (2001), dystopia emerges during the Cold War anti-communism and Free World anti-totalitarianism to focus on the tendencies implicit by the war and warns the future danger of it and also suggests possible utopian features. Pirates of the Universe, for example portrays a bleak future where private advertising agencies run large conglomerates, create bio-engineered food in a world of scarce natural resources, use advanced techniques of psychological suggestion to addict consumers to products and control the government by in effect owning both legislators and regulatory agencies. Cat’s Cradle (1963) also portrays the same perspective of how advanced science can threaten the society. The writer of Pirates of the Universe, Bisson emphasizes the centrality of expectation and perception, how individuals imagine, perceive and misperceive, and respond to what exists and to the potentially new world that human beings cannot…show more content…
According to David (n.d), The Handmaid’s Tale illustrates the liability of a woman in the eye of the society where the inclinations of disease and pollution have led to catastrophic decline in the birthrate. Thus, the patriarchal established a new law to increase power of women with “viable ovaries”. Women are being oppressed where the laws deny women jobs, property, and money, all women who were not officially recognized as wives, widows or lower-class Econowives were sorted into four groups: 1) women with viable ovaries became “two-legged wombs”, nuns of fertility knows as Handmaids; dressed in red habits and white-winged hoods, each after a period of training, was assigned to a particular Commander and his sterile wife 2) post-menopausal or unmarried sterile women called Aunts, whose job it was to indoctrinate the Handmaids with the aid of cattle prods and whistles 3) a green-dressed servant-class known as Marthas and 4) women who could not or would not belong to either of these groups and who were not hanged as subversive “criminals” became Unwomen, who were usually given the job of clearing toxic wastes-itself is a death sentence. It is concludes that the novel is a kind of what is termed as “contextual dystopia”. This kind is distinguished from the traditional dystopia by

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