Mu 21389 Final Project

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VU 21389
1. Which project did you choose to do ?
Denim tote bag.
2. What name will you give your project?
Lets Tote.
3.Describe exactly what you plan to do for your project.
Make and sell tote bag.
4 . When do you plan to do the project?
April 2018
5. How long do you think the project will take ?
Work out the times for each stage of your project.
Stage 1 -1 wk
Stage 2 – 3 wk
Stage 3 – 1 month
6. What is your project”s start date and finish date?
Start date 1 Apr, end 30 Jun
7.Whom will you sell your product to?
8. Identify the context for requirements of a project proposal.
Eg . Ingredients or materials

Denim fabric

Plastic bag for package Equipment

Sewing machine


1 How many product do you plan to make to sell?
100 tote bag.
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How low a price are you willing to go for?
8. How will you know if your project is successful? Circle all the responses that are true.
d) I will learn a lot about business and project.
9. Is there any safety measures needed for your project such as protective grar or fire blanket?

1. Make a step by step action plan for your project.


Step 1.Buy denim fabric, sewing machine.

Step 2. Sewing the tote bag

Step 3. Post listings online, selling online – 1 day

Step 4.Mail out the items once sold TIMING

Step 1. I will spend about 1 week on sourcing the right denim fabric and sewing machine. I will need to prepare $500.

Step 2. I will spend 3 week to design and sew the tote bag.

Step 3. I will past the ads after the production, it will take me few hours to post the listings for sale online.

Step 4 . Item will be mailed the next day after receive payment from buyer.

1. Who helped you to be complete your project? How did they help you?
Business Partner , we working together on planning, designing and making the tote bag . We sell the product as well.

2. Did you stick to your action plan times or did you need to make changes to the
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3. Did you stick original product idea or did you need to make changes to it ?
Might make some changed based on customer feedback.

4. Did you stick to your original budget or did it cost more or less than you planned?
Yes I stick to original budget.

5 .What things went very well in your project?
The production and transaction is smooth.
6. What things went wrong in your project?
Marketing cost increased.

1. Do you think your project was a success ? Why or why not?
Yes , although it make profit less than expected but it is a very good lesson.
2. What was your total cost, in the end?
3. How many did you sell ?
4. Did you make a profit?
5. Did you have fun making your product? Why or why not?
Yes , I am satisfied on our product and having fun on selling it .
6. Did you have fun sharing your product? Why or why not?
Yes , I feel happy whne others like my product.
7. What did you learn about designing projects?
A details planning helps to ease the production and marketing. As well as god team work.
8. Name four things that could have make your project more successful。
1) Variety the design
2) Allow customer to customise the design.
3) selling in different channel
4) more marketing

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