Totino's Pizza History

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Totino's Pizza Who claims to be Americas best selling frozen pizza? The name that has revolutionized the world of pizza, Totinos. Totinos is a family based business that started an epidemic of pizza making. How did the company start? How do they produce over 300 million pizzas every year? Where did pizza come from? Totino's Pizza is an iconic American company. How did Totino's Pizza get its start? Totino's provides a great website that is full of information. According to the official Totino's pizza website, "Rose and Jim Totino started making pizza for the neighbors and community in Minneapolis, Minnesota using Roses mothers recipe" (Our). The community loved the pizza so much that they urged the Totinos to start a sit-down restaurant. "On…show more content…
Eleven years after the restaurant got started, the family built a frozen pizza plant. According to the official Totinos Pizza web page "Rose sold the company to the General Mills family and with that she was able to invent pizza crust that would stay crispy throughout the freezing and thawing process" (Our). Fame and glory, this is what the Totino company gained after the crispy crusted frozen pizza hit the stores. Rose was responsible for revolutionizing the way frozen pizza was made and mass produced. This was such an innovation that she actually patented the crisp crust of her pizzas. The crust is something that still has not changed in today's Totinos products. With the company being a huge success and now a nationally recognized name, they kept coming out with new products like the pizza rolls and the party pizzas. No competition, and with the ultimate funding by General Mills, the company thrived and turned into what is still known today as Totino's…show more content…
With the three hundred million pizzas produced each year how can business be bad? According to Bridget Christenson from General Mills, the owner of Totinos pizza, "Last year, the Totinos pizza brand posted sales of 960 million dollars and is considered the frozen pizza company of the U.S." (Christenson). The factory pizza production is healthy for business. In 1951 there is no way that Rose would be able to crank out three hundred million pizza per year. The technological advancements to the pizza making process are highly beneficial. Without technology, Totinos would not be in the position they are today. There is generally one down side to business, and that is the personal part of it. Back in 1951 all of the pizzas were being hand made and hand processed. Now the only time the pizza is touched is when consumers put it in there mouths. This is a good thing and a bad thing: Good for the company and the amount of product they can supply. Bad because it takes away from the family business which is how the company started. Nowadays the people in the manufacturing plants are only there to maintain the machines. Three hundred Millions pizzas per year and business is booming. Business is good and bad and Totinos Pizza continues to

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