Touch Football Observation

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Touch football has been the preferred sport by HPE teachers to teach, due to its ‘softer’ approach to tackling, lessening injuries and paperwork. However, one may argue that the HPE students playing less effectively in the sport did not have their strengths and limitations tailored to for a position. To optimise the students’ full potential for Touch, students were placed under a series of tests involving the three energy systems. The Adenosine Triphosphate – Creatine Phosphate system, known as ATP-CP, is known to be the system first relied on in the first few seconds of training or exercise, regardless of intensity [1]. The human body synthesises a small amount of ATP and CP for fast acceleration, commonly sustaining high intensity training…show more content…
My Illinois Agility test shows I am below average, therefore do not possess speed or athletic agility. Evaluation Based on the analysis above, the position I am suited to in touch is the link position. It fully aligns with my results (fig. 1), in that I cannot utilise the ATP-CP system as efficiently as some in the wing and middle position. Moreover, my passing is excellent (fig. 3), suggesting that I would be able to pass the ball to one of the fastest people on the team, allowing them to find space between the defence and score a try. To further improve on the link position, I can improve my recovery times by continuing my strength regime and calorie surplus, incorporating cardiovascular activities such as rowing, cycling and running to improve the anaerobic energy systems. Conclusion In summary, I am suited most to the link position, based on the results from the lab experiments (fig. 1 & 2), they correlate with results from a lab experiment (fig. 3, 4, 5). I will not be able to cover a short distance in a small amount of time (fig. 1), nor will I be able to so called ‘step’ the opposing team (fig.
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