Brahman Attitude Towards Caste Identity Essay

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When he was doubted for his loyalty towards Gadgebaba, he argued for his secular attitude in the context of caste identity.
‘I have been never proud of my caste identity. I have never insulted anybody due to my birth in the particular caste. I have thrown away the concepts of touchability and untouchability. I have never decided to take food from particular persons. On the contrary, I have tried my best to crush down such mutiny. I have accepted abuses of many people for my efforts in this regard. ' (Dandekar 343)
Anand Yadav reflects the Non-Brahman attitude towards caste identity. His Maratha caste is located in between the hierarchy. It was below the Brahman and above the untouchable castes. His family was not in close affinity to Brahmans.
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It gives control of the females to the males in the society. The rules of religion, caste and gender are set accordingly. The rules subdue women. They are detached from their social identity, economic freedom and political power. The women are not allowed to behave in the society without having the identity of the male members of their family. They are either recognised as a daughter, sister, wife or mother of some male member. The upper caste women are not allowed to work to get money so that they cannot have economic flexibility. They have fully depended on the males in their family for their economic position. They are intentionally prescribed domestic duties which have no economic status. The women cannot use their political power due the overpowering personalities of the male members in the society. The marriage system uprooted them from their natal house. They have to settle down at the in-laws. To some extent, the process detached their political power of existence. In the lack of it, they cannot defend themselves at their husband 's house. At the same time, they are forced to stay there by the male members from their natal house. They have to give birth to the male child. Their failure for the same remains a threat to their married state. If a husband is not calibre to earn for the household, the women have to work on the farm as unskilled

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