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It’s a beautiful day here in Arizona on Super Bowl day. For the fifty-first Super Bowl the Denver Broncos will go face to face against the Indianapolis Colts, and me Michael Tepper reporting for this game. Just an hour ‘til kickoff and down on the field warming up is the star quarterback Andrew Luck, against soon to be hall of fame quarterback, Peyton Manning who was released by Indianapolis just five years ago. Although it was just five months ago today the great Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets in game six of the World Series, there were almost a million Kansas City Royals fans attended the parade celebrating the great win. Kickoff has just occurred, McAfee kicks off for a touchback the Broncos will have the ball at their own twenty yard line. Just nine seconds running down on the play clock and Manning hikes the ball, play action pass intended for Sanders, its tipped off of the Colts safety Dwight Lowery and falling into Vontae Davis’s arms, AND ITS CAUGHT BY THE DEFENSE AT THE THIRTYYARD LINE FOR AN INTERCEPTION! The ball is only taken five yards to the Denver twenty-five yard line.…show more content…
He snaps the ball, quick handoff to Gore, he breaks a tackle, and is brought down after a gain three. Luck hikes the ball, screen pass to TY Hilton, he spins off of Miller, breaks away from Harris Jr., and won’t be stopped! He’s running, at the fifteen, the ten, the five, and TOUCHDOWN! What a play! Extra point attempt is good by Vinitaeri. McAfee kicks off, deep into the end zone and caught by Holiday, and he’s taking it out, he spins off of Adams and is untouched, he’s turning on the afterburners here, and he’s off to the races! And it’s a TOUCHDOWN by Holiday! Extra point attempt is good by Mcmanus. That’s a heck of a play there to end the first half. The score is tied seven to seven. I’ll pass on the mic’ to Doris Burke for your halftime

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