Touching Spirit Bear

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Have one of he or she’s friends ever dealt with conflict? Probably, Did he or she have a good point-of-view or bad point-of-view, And how did it affect your point-of-view. In Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen a summary is “After smashing peter’s head into the sidewalk he goes to an Alaska island, And after getting mauled by a bear, he goes back to Minneapolis but the circle makes him go back but he has to pay for everything, When Peter comes to the island Cole tries to make it right with him but after Peter beating up Cole Peter says that he forgives Cole”. Cole notices how bad his Point-of-view is with his parents and how it changes with his mom but not his dad, and how it changes on the island and with Peter. In the first place, Coles…show more content…
When Cole wakes up in the middle of the night he figures out how to be invisible” To be Invisible he had to clear his mind”(189). This quote connects to the topic sentence because when he was most at peace and nothing was bothering him he figures out how to be invisible. Towards the end of the book, Edwin asks Cole a question this is when Edwin came back to hear his solution to the problem. ”Would you be willing to stay here longer if it meant helping peter? ’I’d stay my whole life if that’s what it took’ ”(208). This connects to the topic sentence because he wants to stay to help Peter and when he gets a chance to leave the island he chooses to stay because there is still anger left inside him and the only way to get rid of the anger is helping Peter. Furthermore, on the island, Peter still thinks that Cole is the same but at the end Peter Forgives Cole and they become friends. “ ‘I have something I want to give you’, he said. He took out the folded at.oow. Garvey gave this to me as a symbol of friendship and to show he trusted me. He handed the at.oow to Peter. Now I want you to have it”. This connects with the topic sentence because this is the part in the book where Peter forgives Cole and shows their
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