Touching Spirit Bear Analysis

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In the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, a boy named Cole who beats up this kid name Peter because he told on him for robbing a hardware store. Cole was about to go to jail for what he did but then his parole officer named Garvey told him about this thing called the Circle Justice. The Circle Justice is a native american form a justice where they seek more for healing then for just having a normal punishment. So in the book Cole goes to Alaska to seek that healing. Throughout the book Cole changes a lot and he learns a lot of new lessons on this journey. One of the lessons he learns that changes him is the sparrows in the nest. When cole first got to alaska he had so much anger that he ruined the shelter that edwin made for him and then he tried to escape but that didn’t work. So on the second day that Cole was there he saw the spirit bear he tried to kill it but instead the spirit bear almost killed Cole. When cole almost died Cole was by a tree that had a nest of sparrows. in the sparrows nest were baby sparrows and the mother was feed them and Cole was so angry at that, but then after awhile a storm started coming and the tree fell and killed the baby sparrows. When the sparrows died cole said “ Cole grunted angrily- he didn’t want to die yet. Yes, someday that would be part of his circle. Someday he would lie in his own waste and eaten by maggots. But not now” ( 83)! The reason why he wanted to live is because in death there was no control,no anger, and no
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