Touching Spirit Bear: Character Analysis Of Cole Mathews

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In the novel touching spirit bear we learn all about a young boy named Cole Mathews learns how to control himself. He learns that anger is not the answer. He realizes that this is his,last chance. He learns that he was a juvenile delinquent that has no respect for others. He has three main traits that make him this way. He is always angry, he is doesn't trust anyone, and he is very dishonest. Cole Mathews has many problems he has traits that control him. He has anger, he is untrusting, and he is dishonest. Cole has an anger that is inside him. He doesn't know how it started he just knows that is is there. All he knows to do to is to let it control him instead of him controlling it. He lets himself become a…show more content…
He lives his life thinking that he is alone. He believes that no one is trying to help him, that everyone is trying to help themselves. Because of this he never opens up to anyone and he blames everyone for is mistakes. Cole Mathews has an extremely hard time letting someone help him because he believes that they don't really care about him. He he keeps thinking this way he was will always be alone. Another trait that would describe Cole is dishonest. Cole lies about everything, he never tells the truth. He lies about his regret toward hurting Peter. He lies about how he wants to change. He lies about how he will do his best on the island. He seems like the person who uses lies to escape the truth of his life. Cole feels to that since he keeps getting more chances, there is nothing to lose. He doesn't realize that sometimes telling the truth and getting in trouble is better than telling a lie and facing the guilt. In conclusion throughout the novel Cole Mathews has a very big temper, he doesn't trust anyone ever, and he never tells the truth. But later he learns that this is not the way to live. He realizes how to truly live. Hopefully one day Cole will become abetter man. That he will become a champ not a chump. Maybe he will be
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