Book Report On Touching Spirit Bear

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Permanent Change With Cole

Getting attacked by a giant bear alone in the forest and then having to lay on the ground without being able to use of an arm or legs would change the way the world is seen, would it not? Maybe having to sit in a freezing river then having to carry a huge rock up a mountain might change something. If forgiving anyone and everyone who had hurt you and you moved on, don’t you think that some little part of you might change? In the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, Cole was able to make permanent change by having a near death experience, his morning routine, and learning to forgive those who had hurt him. With doing these actions he learned to move on from his past and become a better person.

To start, it would be safe saying being attacked by a huge, white bear would scare anyone half to death and change them in some way. After Cole was attacked by the Spirit Bear, he laid on the ground unable to move, alone with
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For example, when Edwin asked Cole what he learned from his anger dance, Cole says “‘To forgive,” Cole said. “Being angry is giving someone else control of my feelings so they own me. Forgiving gives me control again’”(234-235). At this time of the book, Cole has forgiven others for the harsh acts on him. Cole changes from letting his anger control him to having a hold on it himself so it won’t lash out like he did on Peter. Secondly, when Cole was dancing his anger dance, he danced late into the night. He continued to dance because he still had anger inside of him and he wanted to just throw it up. Out of nowhere Cole lunges at a tree and starts hitting it and says the words he’s never been to say before, “‘I forgive you,” he cried loudly. “I forgive you’” (232). When Cole finally forgave, he allowed himself to move on and allows us to find happiness
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