Masculinity In Todulak

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The videos “Tough Guise 2” and Jackson Katz’s TEDTallk are both extremely similar in that they both discuss the masculinity of males and how it is being used negatively in society today. There are many reasons and theory’s for why men do what they do but one factor that always seems to occur is trying to prove one’s masculinity. Whether proving it through strength, gender norms, personality, and sometimes even violence, it seems to be prevalent among every male. Victim blaming then happens after these incidents occur and women or children are looked at for causing these actions to happen to them. Both these videos were very informational and eye opening to the issues of male masculinity and “women’s issues”. Women are harassed, abused, and raped every day by men and instead of this being a men’s issue for doing this to women, it is seen as a women’s issue. Questions are asked like “What was she wearing?”, “Why was she with those men?”, “What was she doing out so late?”. Women are blamed for what is done to them. This is completely wrong for our society to even…show more content…
But, it is truly a “mixing pot” of factors strung together to push someone into crime. These factors can stem from early childhood depending on your environment and what you had seen growing up. There are examples of masculinity every where growing up. This idea of men having to be “men” is put into our heads at a young age. The video “Tough Guise 2” used examples from multiple children’s movies including Shark Tale. I never noticed these little points in movies growing up, so it was surprising to me that these ideas were being put into our heads from such a young age. I never would have thought twice about these scenes in movies. I would have always just thought that this is how life was supposed to be and that is how men are supposed to
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