Tough Guise Analysis Essay

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Themes in Angelo’s life (born 1937) My grandfather grew up playing a variety of sports, went into the marines, and was the captain of a police department in Connecticut. He would best be defined as a tough guy. He gave me characteristics that would best define what makes a tough guy. He used words such as control, independent, tough, powerful, and strong. These are characteristic that consist with what was given in the movie Tough Guise. He explained to if men didn’t find these characteristics that were looked at negatively and received a lot of backlash for this. He gave multiple examples from when he was in the marines. If men weren’t able to complete a task, had emotional breakdowns, or struggled they were called names and made fun of just…show more content…
Growing up on a farm children’s childhood wasn’t really of value or importance more was the work that needed to be done around the house and farm. Her and her six siblings didn’t have toys or games rather playing with the farm animals was the most excitement throughout there day. My grandma never got paid for the work she completed rather it was seen as a necessary responsibility and a way to have a relationship with her parents. As stated in Useful to Useless my grandma and her siblings could best be defined as “little adults” who engaged in useful chores around the house and elsewhere. One of the more important questions I asked my grandma was looking back now would you define what your parents did as child labor, if so did this have a negative impact on your childhood? What was the most eye opening about this was she didn’t consider what she did as a child as child labor because throughout her family and the town she lived in children working was seen as a norm. If anything she said this was something that benefited her. She was able to learn skills and basic household duties that put her ahead of everyone else. She thought this make her more responsible and disciplined. The most important factor was when finding a job as she got older it was easier to find one and the work wasn’t as difficult as what she experienced as a child. Themes of Sharon’s Life (born
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