Tough Guise Debate

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Tough Guise
1. What are some benefits to boys and men of putting on the “tough guise”? When is it an effective and adaptive response, and when is it self-destructive and dangerous to others?

2. Are there biological reasons why males commit the vast majority of violence? If so, why do rates of violence vary widely between different countries? Why is the U.S. by far the most violent society in the industrialized world? And how do you explain, if you think the primary cause of violence is biological or genetic, why the vast majority of males do not commit violence?

The “tough guise,” is a beneficially effective response when a person or a loved one are in physical danger. In these cases, it is a natural defense mechanism to protect something.
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nurture argument comes up. I do not think the primary cause of violence is biological or genetic, and I believe the vast majority of males do not commit violent acts because they are capable of controlling their base instincts. Men are not violent beasts, or at the very least, most of them are not. As far as I know, nearly everyone gets violent and intrusive thoughts once in awhile, but most people can control them, they do not act upon those thoughts. This is what separates us from the psychopaths and murderers.
Additionally, how violent someone is also has to do with how they are raised and the environment they grow up in. People’s genetics and physical characteristics may play a role in making them at higher risk for becoming criminals, but I certainly do not believe they are the primary cause in a person’s violent nature. Men are expected to be more aggressive than women, and to fit in, they become more aggressive. The documentary referred to this phenomenon as gender policing. If a man slips up and acts outside what is considered the norm, their “man card,” is revoked, and they open themselves up to being mocked and ridiculed. Their man card is only reissued when they do something manly again to prove that they are a real man. Something that involves a display of the traits that are typically associated with manliness such as domination, power, aggression, and

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