Tough Immigration Policy Essay

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Once immigrants leave our country we will have more opportunities of better wages and newer jobs. Most immigrants threaten our safety. Most of all, American culture is worth preserving. I believe that United States should have a tough immigration policy. First of all, immigrants have a higher chance for a better job because of a green card they might have. Stated in an article by Frosty Wooldridge “ It's time to raise the American standard of living. The real minimum wage has been declining for over a decade. Some advocate raising the minimum wage--but this would raise the price of unskilled labor above its free-market value. Mass unemployment would result.” also “We can immediately create millions of new jobs. Conservative estimates place the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. at 10,000,000. Taking into account minor children and the aged, that's still millions of people who are flooding our labor force. Remove them, and opportunities will abound for Americans.” For example, Immigrants are destroying our (Americans) chance to have better wages and newer jobs, just because many immigrants have a green card. Second of all, it may not seem so important but many immigrants aren’t trustworthy, Immigrants threaten the lives and country of…show more content…
Without Americans, we (America) would not have an identity. Our culture is different and will always be, no immigrant will ever interfere with our culture. As stated in the article by Frosty Wooldridge “American culture is worth preserving. Culture is more than operas and Shakespearian plays--it's the sum total of the customs, beliefs, artistic creations, attitudes, goals, and norms that make a society what it is. It is passed down, as a treasure, from grandparent to parent to child. In other words, culture is what gives us our identity.” For example, holidays such as Independence Day, it's a tradition that has been passed throughout generations like many other
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