Tough Love In The Glass Castle

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Tough Love In The Glass Castle the Walls family has lots of ups and downs, as most families do. Every family has a story and every family has their ups and downs, this story is about the down parts in my family’s lives. When we were little, we always have big dreams about what we were going to be when we grow up. Everyone thinks their family is perfect and when they hear bad stuff about other families they always think, that could never happen to me. In this case, most of the things I heard when I was little did happen to me and my family. I really discovered who my real friends were in situations like these. Forgiveness and unconditional love is a big theme in the Glass Castle and it is also a big part in my life too. Growing up I had a pretty good life. We always had a nice house, we’d get new clothes for school every year, and for the most part everyone got along. When my oldest brother, Dylan, was in high school he wasn’t the best kid. He would lie to my parents all the time and throw parties at our house. He barely even graduated high school. Nothing really changed after he graduated either because he didn’t go to college and he didn’t have a job. I think this is…show more content…
My dad dropped me off at practice one night and just never came home. My mom called him to see where he was and he told her he wanted a divorce. My mom told my brothers before she told me. I knew something was wrong and I remember Chandler telling me on the way to school one day that our parents were getting a divorce. I acted like I wasn’t upset but I was. I just didn’t understand why my dad didn’t want to be a family anymore and why he didn’t want anything to do with us kids. I hated him, every time he asked me to do something with him I would say I was busy when I wasn’t, or just not even answer. The divorce got finalized my sophomore year, and since I was 16 I didn’t have to see my dad on certain days I could just live with my
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