Who Is One Dream In Ernest Hemenway's True Love?

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In general, people with unsuccessful marriages have overcame them and succeeded in life in finding true love. Hemenway claims Janie won’t find her true love because of her previous unsuccessful marriages, yet undoubtedly is incorrect because of belief in seeing light at the end of the tunnel which provides hope and enlightenment towards Janie. “It is not until Tea Cake that her dream- now toughened by knowledge- can become truth” (Hemenway 235). The word “dream” represents the idea of thoughts while we are asleep. While we dream, we tend to have thoughts about important events in our life that we are experiencing or desired goals. The idea of spending the rest of her life with Tea Cake, the true love of her life, she dreams. The authors use…show more content…
During her marriage with Tea Cake, she spends time expressing her love for him and makes she he realizes it, for “Janie mounted the stairs with her lamp. The light in her hand was like a spark of sun-stuff washing her face in fire” (Hurston 218). The word around “light” simply means something bright that makes things visual, but the way the word is used implies a deeper meaning. The authors use of the word “light” suggests that they are trying to show enlightenment or joy in a larger meaning. The look on his face lit up when the bright light from the ceiling shined on him. When we use the word “light” we typically imagine something that is bright or visable. Sometimes we may feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel as a metaphor referring to the situation you are in at the moment to be difficult or unsuccessful in the future ahead. On the other hand, it could mean that there is light in the room suggesting the light is helping you observe visually. Hurston incorporates a variety of imagery such as describing the light coming from the “lamp” in her hand as a way to represent her love towards Tea Cake. The imagery of the “light” expresses lighting on her face and her path so she can see. The light is coming from the lamp which represents a spark from her love, lighting on her face and a path that she visualizes in the future. The word
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